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Understand the typical proceedings of a probate. All types of property make up an estate. Read more. Find out whether probate will be necessary for a loved one's estate. Our goal is to give you information that guides you in the right direction.
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Law Offices of David A. Shapiro Can Assist You

The pain a family feels when a loved one passes away is devastating. In this time of grief you don't want to have to handle how your family member's estate is taken care of and all the logistics involved . If a probate attorney is involved, they will handle such matters. The Law Offices of David A. Shapiro can take care of your loved one's estate matters, so that you don't have to handle such a burden. The Law Offices of David A. Shapiro are a professional corporation, where you can trust that your legal probate needs will be handled as such. We understand what a tragic time it is for you and your family and we want to help. With our compassionate and understanding team, we can provide you with the necessary service that you require.

The Various Areas of Probate

Our firm handles a multitude of probate cases ranging in the various aspects that are attributed to probate proceedings. Regardless of the probate case or legal aid you may need in a probate case, we can help. No matter how difficult or intricate of a case, we are ready to provide you with the assistance you require. The details and information about what probate is, such as the probate timeline, are essential information that my firm will present to you, so you are aware of all that will occur in your case. The cost of probate for a case can be a large issue - we will specifically detail the cost of such a proceeding.

Probate can be a long proceeding, and there are possible ways for an individual to avert probate. Though there are some advantages of probate. In order for you to know the advantages of probate, our firm can detail to you what the benefits of probate are. Perhaps you would like to know more about the California probate codes, our firm can help work through the varying codes and what they cover with you.

When it comes to the specifics of probate, such as how they are handled, known as probate administration, our firm is more than willing to help you. Suppose there is a disagreement regarding the probate, our firm can help you resolve the probate dispute. If there is a particular appeal to the probate that you or a loved one may have, our firm is ready to help you work through the probate petitions you may have.

Probate Matters Involving Estates and Assets

We are equipped to manage cases involving estates, such as when an individual is deciding and preparing for what will happen to their belongings after they pass, known as estate planning - our firm can help you with creating an estate plan. The financial charge that an individual has to pay is the estate taxes, and our firm can aid you in understanding and handling such financial matters. Assets are an individual's own belongings - asset protection is the measures an individual can take in order for their belongings to be insured and secured. How an individual's belongings and property are allocated and who is given what is considered the distribution of assets - this requires an attorney to carefully allocate the belongings and property.

Trusts, Guardianships, and Power of Attorneys

At our firm we can assist you, if you choose to change or stop your trust, referred to as revocable living trusts. In terms of the management of your trust, known as trust administration, we can also be of assistance to ensure that your trust is managed correctly. When an individual is granted as the keeper and sole care of an individual's belongings or children, it is referred to as guardianships and our firm can give you legal aid in determining who you chose for guardians. The power of attorneys allows an individual to make legal decisions for an individual - we can assist you as your probate attorney or assist you in choosing who you would like to speak for you legally.

Our Firm Wants to Assist You

The passing of a loved one is tragic. Following such a devastating loss, the matters of probate probably seem meaningless. You shouldn't have to handle such matters following such a devastating loss - we want to serve you legally, so that you won't have that burden. There are many aspects of probate law. Our firm understands the questions or concerns that you may have - we want to provide you with, to the best of our ability, the answer and assistance that you want and need legally. Contact us today for more information on our firm and the legal aid we will provide you with.

The Law Offices of David A. Shapiro

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