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Understand the typical proceedings of a probate. All types of property make up an estate. Read more. Find out whether probate will be necessary for a loved one's estate. Our goal is to give you information that guides you in the right direction.
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Administration of Probate in Los Angeles

What happens to a decedent's assets?

When an individual passes away, the details of the various belongings and assets that they wish to distribute to certain loved ones are provided in their will. The process of handling the distribution of the belongings, property, assets and such is under the probate administration field.

Probate administration is when an individual is chosen to:

  • Carry out the will
  • Guarantee that the wishes of the individual are honored
  • Helps ensure that the estate will be surveyed, handled, and allocated appropriately to the correct individuals

Choosing Personal Representatives and Executors

There are many laws and probate codes that detail how the probate will be handled. According to §8400(a) the time in which an individual becomes designated as a personal representative is when they have authority of managing the individual's belongings, assets and property - when that party receives the letters is the time that they are actually instated to the position of handling the estate. §8400(c) provides the exact declaration of the command or instruction regarding the personal representative's delegation.

This is in effect regardless if the individual becomes the will's executor - though this does not include if an individual chosen as the will's executor supplies the finances for the memorial as well as providing the means which are essential for the property's upkeep and cultivation, prior to an individual's assignment as executor, according to §8200(b).

Learn More About Probate Administration

In order to understand the many components of probate law, as well as probate administration, go ahead and call our firm. Our qualified and experienced team thoroughly understands the laws regarding probate under the California probate codes, so there is no need to worry that we won't be learned in the various laws regarding probate. If you are in need of a probate attorney, contact the Law Offices of David Shapiro.

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